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A Year in the Life of an Ottawa Logo and Brand Design Specialist

A Year in Review for an Ottawa logo and brand design specialist. 2018 was an enjoyable and challenging year for Sumack Loft; have a look at a few favourite projects we worked on in the past year!

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Designing Illustrations for Ontario Craft Beer Can Artwork

Sumack Loft recently designed 5 Illustrations for local craft brewery's beer cans. Each illustration is based on a stunning vista based in the UK and has a charismatic character to pull the viewer in. Do you need dynamic and effective illustration for your business? Give me a call!

Brand Design

Designing a “Temporary” Logo for Canada’s 150th Birthday

Sumack Loft had the opportunity recently to design a logo for the Town of Mississippi Mills to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday. The temporary brand plays off the corporate logo, is very Canadian, fun and dynamic, and communicates celebration and diversity.

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Creating a new look and feel for the Crown & Pumpkin Studio Tour.

That time you decided to work way over the agreed budget, because art! We are very fortunate in our little neck of the woods to have a really great studio tour, The Crown & Pumpkin, which celebrated its 20th year in 2016! I've known the organizers casually for years since I generally visit their studios … Continue reading

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Logo Design, Puppy Play, and Budget Limitations.

My Property is as Far as I Can Throw a Tennis Ball. That thing right there? That is my puppy Paika during one of our back road walks last week. There's a swamp on that road, can you tell? We actually have two dogs, but this little one will chase a ball or a stick until the cows … Continue reading

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Next Month It’s All About The Bicycle!

June is Bicycle Month in these here parts. For the past eight years, the town of Mississippi Mills has made the month of June officially "bicycle month". Each year a group of dedicated volunteers who believe passionately in the importance of bicycle friendly communities put together dozens of fun events for lovers of two-wheeled transportation throughout … Continue reading


Sometimes a Cup of Coffee is Just a Cup of Coffee!

Is this a nice chat over coffee or am I trying to win your business?   You know what? I've realized over the last few years that a cup of coffee with someone who's approached me about doing business really doesn't have to be any more than a just a great chance to get to … Continue reading

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Destemming Spinach & Designing for Brand, Print & Web

What on earth do they have in common? I like to cook. In fact, I love to cook! Especially for company. I'm not a chef — I just look for cool recipes that sound amazing; I enjoy trying different things; and I do very occasionally improve on these recipes if I can figure out a way to do that. Once … Continue reading


The one big thing I’ve learned about client requests.

The customer is always right. Every once in a while, this crazy thing happens. I’ve been working hard on a job, let’s say it’s a logo for a new client, and I finally get the design to a point where I’m really happy with it. Imagine it is one of those projects that, for whatever … Continue reading