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Designing a “Temporary” Logo for Canada’s 150th Birthday

Mississippi Mills celebrates Canada 150

Many cities and towns in Canada this year have produced temporary logos to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, and our own community of Mississippi Mills is no exception. Sumack Loft was approached in January to produce a logo for use on all town event promotional materials during 2017.

Almonte Logo Design - Canada 150

Mississippi Mills – Canada 150 Logo

The Town requested that the design be based on their existing identity and reflect Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations. There needed to be a maple leaf reference of some kind, and the overall look should be fun and dynamic, and promote diversity.

The new logo contains the original Town logo’s M, which doubles as a bridge and waterfall, with a new containing graphic of a maple leaf that brings to mind a fireworks display, as well as suggesting diversity in its use of form and colour.

The temporary logo has been a great success, with many people telling the Community Economic & Cultural Coordinator at the Town that they like the “new” logo better than the old one, and that we should just keep it! Of course this wouldn’t work as a permanent logo, but it sure was nice to hear 🙂

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