Brand Design

Logo Design, Puppy Play, and Budget Limitations.

My Property is as Far as I Can Throw a Tennis Ball.

Photo of dirty dog

My dirty dirty dog

That thing right there? That is my puppy Paika during one of our back road walks last week. There’s a swamp on that road, can you tell? We actually have two dogs, but this little one will chase a ball or a stick until the cows come home while our other guy just runs around sniffing stuff. She’s one of those dogs. Which means that no matter how busy I am in my studio, I still have to get this little one out for some serious exercise every day.

Most of the time I can break out and go for an hour’s walk or so and all is good, but sometimes I’m pressed for time and I just take her out on our acre and a half of land and throw the ball for 15 minutes or so… you know, just until she is so exhausted she can hardly breath; then she goes and lies in her kiddy pool and I go back to work. One day when I was out there doing my doggie duty, I realized that no matter how hard and far I threw the ball, it always lands just within the bounds of our property, which led me to the realization that our property is just the exact right size for me and my dog.

Merrickville Public Library Logo

Modest brand development

What on earth does any of this have to do with logo design?! I’m getting there! Patience, grasshopper! You see, I often get clients coming to me with brand design needs who are just starting up a new company or branching out into a new field, or they just simply don’t have a lot of money to spend… yet. Fortunately an important service that I am happy to offer is that of being able to create effective brand solutions to fit modest budgets as well as big ones. Sometimes what feels like an impossibly restricted budget is all you need to get the visual branding required for starting out. You can always revisit things in a couple of years when you’re feeling a bit more flush.

Sometimes your budget is the exact right size for the scope of your branding endeavour.

Modest brand development

Over the past few years, I’ve been able to develop several brands for solopreneurs and small businesses who are working with limited resources, and it’s always so gratifying to witness their excitement and joy when we’ve finally finessed their logo to perfection and it’s ready to go off into the world and start establishing credibility and visibility for their business, making a positive impact on their potential and existing customers.

Every logo that I work on gets my absolute attention and full concentration. Working together with you, I can help you distill your brand character into one clear message. I’d love to help you develop your new brand, no matter how small or generous your budget.

Give me a call if you’d like to chat about how we can work together to design your new visual identity! I can help make the process fun and easy.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a ball to throw.

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