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Big Brand Logo Redesign Examples

Even big brands update their logos from time to time! I came across this story on one of my favourite design sites today, and thought some of you might be interested. I often talk about logo redesign on this blog and here's a chance to show how some of the big boys and girls play … Continue reading


The Studio at Sumack Loft

Clean, organized, and ready for the new year! I know, I know, I already posted once today, but I'm so excited because I just finished cleaning, organizing, and tidying my studio space. Here's how it looks today... let's hope it stays that way! Cheers, everybody! *:) Auni


Sometimes a Cup of Coffee is Just a Cup of Coffee!

Is this a nice chat over coffee or am I trying to win your business?   You know what? I've realized over the last few years that a cup of coffee with someone who's approached me about doing business really doesn't have to be any more than a just a great chance to get to … Continue reading


The one big thing I’ve learned about client requests.

The customer is always right. Every once in a while, this crazy thing happens. I’ve been working hard on a job, let’s say it’s a logo for a new client, and I finally get the design to a point where I’m really happy with it. Imagine it is one of those projects that, for whatever … Continue reading