Sometimes a Cup of Coffee is Just a Cup of Coffee!

Is this a nice chat over coffee or am I trying to win your business?


almonte_Coffee_blogYou know what? I’ve realized over the last few years that a cup of coffee with someone who’s approached me about doing business really doesn’t have to be any more than a just a great chance to get to know a new person and maybe meet a new friend. Or client! Who cares which? (And of course sometimes it ends up being both). When I first moved to the Ottawa Valley going on seven years ago now, I suppose I must have still been in a big agency mindset, because I felt at that time that I didn’t really want to sit down with someone unless I was prettyyy sure they were going to hire me to do some brand, print, or web design. I felt I should be able to capitalize on any kind of time spent with a potential client. It’s kind of embarrassing to me now, but it took me a while to realize just how ridiculous this was!

Does that cup of coffee always turn into a project? Usually! Do I care? Not so much!

Nowadays when someone reaches out to me about the possibility of us working together, if they seem a little nervous about hiring me without actually meeting me in person, I’m the first person to suggest we get together and have a chat! Does it always turn into a project? Usually! Do I care? Not so much! I mean, sure… as a self-employed person, of course I’m always kind of looking for the next project (or the one after that), but you know what? I’m a very social person, darn it! And I work alone all day every day in my sweet little studio in the woods. Do I love it? Absolutely! Is it hard to get me off my property unless I really have to? Okay, I’ll admit it! But this is all the more reason I’ve learned to say “Sure! Let’s get together and have coffee!”

Even better if I can coax you out to my studio though… I make a damn fine cup of coffee if I do say so myself  🙂

Wanna get together? Let’s do it. Just give me a call!

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