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Logo Design Is Not About Personal Taste

Your company logo is not your personal brand!

If you’re hiring someone to design a logo for your business, it can be tempting to direct the creative development through the filter of your own personal taste. This could mean choosing symbols, fonts, and colour palettes that appeal to you personally and to which you’ve always been partial.

Yet personal taste should never be the foundation of your brand; your logo needs to communicate your company’s core message to the right audience in a captivating and compelling way.

Personal vs. personality

Perhaps you think you want a logo design that “looks pretty”, or which is “charming” and “feminine”, believing that this is the message your brand needs to communicate. In reality however, it’s very likely that you need to send a stronger message, such as “experienced” or “customer focused”; ensuring that you are using symbols, fonts and colours that subconsciously communicate the correct brand personality to your customer.

Understanding your brand’s core message and sticking to it, no matter what your taste, is important to a successful visual communication suite.

Sumack Loft logo design

So how do you achieve good design which communicates a clear and appropriate message? I’ve written before about the Sumack Loft logo design process, a tried and true method of developing a logo that perfectly conveys your company’s core message, and which speaks directly to the audience you wish to target.

Let’s create a visual brand language for your business that perfectly communicates your company’s core message!

This process centres around the idea that brands are most significant and effective when the underlying personality values of the business are communicated through visual language. It’s a simple method I’ve developed for small to medium-sized businesses who don’t have big marketing departments but who want to communicate their vision through good design.

Let’s get together and explore!

Are you interested in knowing what your company’s brand character is? Click here and I will send you information on how we can discover your individual brand personality attributes. The best part about the process is that it’s deeply illuminating and can even be fun!

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