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Refreshing a Dated Logo Can Really Enhance Your Brand

Refreshing a Dated Logo ExampleHow do you know when it’s time for a logo redesign?

Aside from your company name, your logo is the one thing people will notice when they discover your brand for the first time. It’s critical that your visual identity tells the right story about your company. Yet no logo can stay relevant forever. Times change and so do design sensibilities and best practices. Companies can change too, and the logo that projected the right image when your business was launched may no longer faithfully convey your core message.

Do you have a company logo that needs refreshing? Drop me a line.

Here are some case studies of logos updated at Sumack Loft.

EXAMPLE 1: Manotick Racquets Club

Refreshing a Dated Logo Example

The organization knew their visual identity, which served the club for 30 years, was dated, with a poorly designed human figure. A recent initiative to change the name of the club to reflect new services was a perfect opportunity for refreshing the club logo.

There were elements about the old logo which the client wished to retain, such as the circular design with type inside, the green and blue palette, and a figure playing ball in the centre. A new gender-neutral figure was designed, with its form carefully constructed with repeating circles for visual harmony, a fresh new colour palette, and a clean contemporary font.

EXAMPLE 2: Homesol Building Solutions

Refreshing a Dated Logo Example

This company wanted to keep their brand fresh and relevant while ensuring a strong visual connection with the outgoing logo, getting rid of a homespun feel not in keeping with the stature of the business.

The old visual identity for Homesol Building Solutions seemed to us like a great start but almost as if it hadn’t been properly finished. We took the swirling sun icon, finessed it for a better visual balance, and placed it inside a rounded pentagon which effortlessly suggests the notion of a building. The colour palette was softened and typography refined for a more professional and modern feel.

EXAMPLE 3: Kealey & Tackaberry Log Homes

Refreshing a Dated Logo Example

This Ottawa custom log home building company needed an updated logo and website in order to compete and excel in today’s marketplace. They felt their old logo projected an image of a dark and rustic cabin in the woods, whereas what they actually build are beautiful modern homes designed to be superior to building code.

The new logo is designed to represent both the traditional nature of the build as well as their creative and modern process. It shows a seamless integration into the environment, a sense of living lightly, with a small carbon footprint. The updated visual identity retains the sense of a house built in and out of nature, with a fresh contemporary look and feel.

EXAMPLE 4: Foil Media

Refreshing a Dated Logo Example

The old logo for my esteemed web developer colleagues wasn’t really even a logo, more of a simple word mark. This identity is a classic example of font usage that appears old-fashioned and fussy, along with a reflection component that is arbitrary and needlessly cluttered.

The new logo has been updated with a friendly, contemporary typeface, and the addition of a mark that is a wifi symbol doubling as the letters “FM”. It’s a clean, bright, and suitable visual brand that is memorable and unique.

EXAMPLE 5: Crown & Pumpkin Studio Tour

Refreshing a Dated Logo Example

This studio tour has been around in one form or another for over two decades. When Sumack Loft came on board, the brand had become watered down and disorganized, with signage using the really old logo (far left), and other print materials using a messy, cluttered newer logo (middle).

Working closely with organizers, we developed a clean new visual identity which contains a nod to both the historical logo, still in use on road signage, and the outgoing identity. The new pumpkin sports a crown which now appears to also be the vine on the top of the pumpkin.

EXAMPLE 6: Kingfish Pumping

Refreshing a Dated Logo Example

Sometimes we sneak a total overhaul in with a client looking for a light brand refresh. For this septic business, we showed the client a gentle update along with a totally new concept, which they loved.

The new brand features a kingfish (aka king mackerel) constructed using the letters g and f in the name, crown on its head, and sceptre in hand… um… fin? Septic pumping and portable toilets have never looked so good!

So how can you tell if it’s time for a brand update? I’ve posted about this before, here, here, and here.

Things are getting old: An out of date logo is easy to spot, even for average consumers who don’t know the first thing about design. There are often obvious elements that are no longer in style, such as gradients, italics, or bubble-shaped type.

It’s complicated: Logos with a ton of busy elements and detail are not memorable and won’t stick in your desired audience’s minds. Modern design is all about simplicity, and busy logos tend to get overlooked, particularly online.

Your business is evolving: Maybe your products and services have shifted or expanded resulting in a logo that isn’t as relevant as it once was. A logo redesign can be just the thing to signal your new direction.

Your company is growing: Many businesses start out small and at the time of launch, a quality logo is not a top priority for the expenses. As your business grows, that scrappy little logo may no longer really showcase your company in its best light.

Repositioning: When a rebranding or repositioning effort is undertaken (such as a website redesign), updating the visual brand is a recommended part of that process.

Do you have a company logo that’s starting to look its age? Let’s get in touch! I’d love to talk about how we can work together to make your company look better and win more business.

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