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There’s more to good branding than just a first-class logo!

Let’s make your company look great and get you more clients, shall we?


Dandelion Brand Graphics (click to view full suite on Pinterest)

Did you know that having a great logo is not the be all and end all of your company brand? Most businesses need a business card and a website to start, right? Your trusty designer will create a whole visual language to go along with that logo. A custom colour palette needs to be developed for every business identity, along with specific patterns and shapes that further reinforce and strengthen your company brand, all of which are applied with expert care to each piece of your company collateral. The more well executed and accomplished your visual brand appears, the more trust and credibility you will have with existing and potential customers.

Some clients need a little more. This can be mailers or trade show displays, brochures or print advertising, car decals or signage; and it all needs to hang together with a clear and united look and feel in order for your company to present its most professional and polished face to the world.


Homesol Direct Mail (click to view full suite on Pinterest)

I realized over the holidays that I didn’t really have a page on my website showing how brands can roll out across multiple pieces of corporate identity and promotional and marketing material, so I took a little time to create some inviting scrolling graphics demonstrating a few branding suites I’ve produced for some of my favourite clients (okay, all my clients are my favourite clients!).

You can see five examples of these suites on a fresh new page under my Portfolio menu, or you can just click here to go right to it. I’ve also got them up on my Brand Design Pinterest page, so if you’re a happy go lucky pinner, please pin away!

Do you need a new logo? Do you have a logo you’re happy with but realize you need better and more well-designed marketing material to strengthen and reinforce your existing brand?

Let’s get in touch! I’d love to talk about how we can help your company look better and win more business.









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