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Looking for poster and display banner graphic design in Ottawa?

Looking for poster and display banner design? Stand out and get noticed. I believe in producing great print design that’s eye-catching and memorable!

Brand Design

Is It Time to Rethink Your Tired Old Logo?

Updating your corporate logo every few years is a great way to keep your brand fresh and relevant. It's a simple process that doesn't take long, and can be done very cost effectively!

Brand Design

Need graphic design services in Ottawa?

Samples of graphic design and illustration produced for some of my Ottawa clients. One of the things I love about being a graphic designer is the extraordinary diversity of clients and projects that come my way. From website design to brochures to illustration to social media graphics, my clients need it all, and they need … Continue reading

Brand Design

A Year in the Life of an Ottawa Logo Designer

Happy New Year! A few days late, but whatevs! So, just for fun, I took some time on New Year's Day to look back over the wide variety of interesting jobs I was able to work on this past year. I designed 26 logos in 2016. Whaaat? That's a logo every two weeks. Cah-razy! Some … Continue reading