Brand Design

How do logo designers come up with ideas?

We have a deep, dark secret.

ServicesOkay, it’s not really that much of a secret. I find that my clients are often surprised at how I am able to capture exactly what they want to convey in a logo, as a rule on my first try. But here’s the thing; when you hire me to develop your company branding, I am going to sit you down and ask you a whole bunch of questions before I even start to think about what your logo might look like. The answers to these questions produce what is known in the industry as a creative brief. The brief then informs the design process by identifying why the project is needed, who the audience is, what adjectives describe the feeling of the piece, and other important pieces of information vital to the establishment of a visual brand.

Many questions will be asked!

Armed with this critical data, I then do some extensive research on your competition to ensure that whatever designs are presented are going to make your business really stand out and get noticed in a crowded marketplace. It’s important that your logo features uniquely different tone and imagery from similar businesses out there, and that it’s compelling and memorable. Once I’ve got a thorough understanding of your business and your competition, then and only then do I pick up my pencil and start sketching. I usually end up with many ideas roughly sketched out, review the brief carefully to decide which ones are the most perfectly suited to all the criteria, and those are the ones my client sees and gets to choose from. It’s not really magic, it’s more like science!

Give me a call today and let’s chat about building your new brand!

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