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A Creative Year In Review

So much design, so little time.

2022 was a year with a wide variety of projects — new branding, rebranding, web design, illustration, oh my!

Here are some examples of new branding developed last year at Sumack Loft.

Your business name and logo are the anchor of your brand and the single most visible manifestation of the company across all platforms, both print and online. We listen carefully throughout the development process to ensure that your new logo gets it right.

Name, logo, and tagline development for governance coaching business

Logo for popular landscape material supplier in small town

Branding for fine craft boutique, opening 2023

Logo for children’s centre, featuring iconic bridge

Full branding suite for rural public library

Making sure your branding looks fresh and current is a great way to stay relevant to your audience.

We’ve discovered that if you wait long enough, you get a chance to revisit a favourite logo and make it better. Case in point!

Cleaner design, more appealing colour palette, and those Queen Anne’s Lace are much more recognizable, don’t you think?

A properly designed online presence is crucial and can have an enormous impact on success.

In 2022 Sumack Loft was asked to rebrand this rural public library which serves over 7,000 active members. Once we finished developing a comprehensive branding suite, we then designed and built a new, revitalized web presence.

Illustration helps your audience better understand what is being communicated.

We recently developed a concept for a commemorative coin celebrating Mississippi Mills’ bicentennial anniversary; with various landmarks and landscape highlights featured in an enjoyable medley. The coin will be released early this year and we are very much looking forward to seeing the real thing!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sumack_bird_trajectory_v3.png

Ready to get going on your own project? We’re here!

Branding. Elevated.

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