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Imagine Your Tired Out Old Logo Looking All Dasher and Dancer Again!

Ottawa Graphic Design - Sad Old Logo

Sad old logo looking all offended

Sometimes an awkward old logo could use a little graphic design help.

I’m going to bet you all know that a strong brand is invaluable for your organization — especially if you’re a regular reader of this blog, because I know, I know, I go on! And you know that investing in maintaining a great brand is vital. After all, your brand is the source of a promise to your audience and you know it’s bad to break a promise, right? Remember, Santa is watching.

Updating a corporate logo every few years is a way to keep a brand fresh and relevant.

Sumack Loft and Foil Media were recently approached by CWA Canada, the country’s oldest media union (whose name has changed a few times in its storied lifetime), to update and modernize their very old and unwieldy website. After reviewing where their visual identity was currently at, we persuaded them that it was also a perfect time to refresh their corporate logo.

Why on earth would you want to update a corporate logo?

Well, it’s really the only way to keep a brand fresh and relevant. You know how sometimes you see a website designed a decade ago, or a house decorated in the 1980s; and you’re like, dude, get with the program! Trends and tastes change, and that can affect how people perceive your brand. What was once all cool and up to date can lose its mojo over time. When people see a logo that looks outdated or, heaven forbid, just amateur, they perceive an organization as out of touch with the modern world. You want to be perceived as state of the art? Then you gotta look state of the art!

Ottawa Graphic Design - New CWA Logo

New CWA Canada logo

We collaborated efficiently to put together a fresh new logo (see inset above) which retains a powerful visual link to the outgoing version so that at a glance people who already know the organization will instantly recognize the brand; only now we have an updated colour palette, new typography with a more contemporary feel, creative use of the maple leaf graphic, and just generally better use of space and how the various graphic and typographic elements interact. I added the ornaments in just for you 🙂

When people see a logo that looks outdated, they perceive an organization as out-of-touch with the modern world.

Modernizing a brand doesn’t mean taking it in a new direction; in fact, quite the opposite. When updating an organization’s logo, it’s recommended to work with the existing identity to refresh its elements – evolution, not revolution. A viewer may not even notice any difference with the new CWA logo without the old one to compare it to, but the basic tone of the logo is completely new and fresh and will now have the exact right intuitive effect on their audience. Now! On to the website!

Does your old logo need a dash of holiday spice? Give me a call today and let’s talk!





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