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New Logo & Website for Charming Carleton Place Hotel

Economical branding & website development — It’s an actual thing!

Ottawa_Web_Design_2My lovely web partners and I just finished this nice quick branding & website development project for a local small business, Baron’s Motor Inn in Carleton Place.

The current owners bought the hotel about 25 years ago, and lately have found it more challenging to keep full occupancy. After the good folks at Foil Media sat down with them, a series of recommendations were made to the owners and they immediately agreed to move ahead with a modest rebrand and new website.

The new brand projects the character desired by the hotel: warm, welcoming, and trustworthy.

Ottawa_Web_Design_4The logo development portion of the work was interesting because the hotel currently has some signage on the front of the building featuring a knight chess piece, or, in esoteric chess-speak, a baron. The owner had never felt a connection with this imagery and decided that he wanted to see different options for a new visual identity.

Ottawa_Web_Design_3Here at Sumack Loft I produced three creative options, one of which was indeed a visual of a horse in case they decided they needed some brand consistency, however the hotel proprietor immediately connected with and chose the logo showing a stylized depiction of the hotel itself.

With an elegant, classic typeface and the edifice placed in a glowing setting sun, the new brand projects the character desired by the hotel: warm, welcoming, and trustworthy. A home away from home.

Now I guess they just need to get themselves some new signage!

Are you looking for a sensible and economic solution for your branding and website project? Give me a call! Let’s talk!

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