Sumack Loft is located just outside Almonte and serves all of North America.

almonte_graphic_designBrand, print, web — I love all design.

Sumack Loft is the graphic design studio of Auni Milne, located in the lush forests of the beautiful Ottawa Valley just outside the bustling town of Almonte, Ontario, which in turn is a half hour from Ottawa. Ensconced in my handcrafted log studio, I like to think the flora and fauna that surrounds me inspires my creativity.

Outstanding designs, no fuss.

I specialize in innovative thinking with a systematic approach to graphic design services, helping my clients improve the look, clarity, and consistency of their branding, their websites, and their print materials. And all that with a minimum of hassle. I collaborate carefully with my clients so there are never any surprises.

I listen to my clients.

Working together with you, I can help you distill a ton of complex information into one clear message. I’d love to help you with your marketing and communications projects; including brand, print, and web design, as well as all your illustration needs.

Let’s talk about budget, shall we?

I pride myself on being able to work within my clients’ budgets. This can range from the very modest to the crazy abundant. I’ve developed a careful system so that no matter how big or small the budget, my clients receive work that satisfies their needs.

Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal.

Ever since the advent of the internet, physical location has ceased to be a factor for where I offer my services, and I have clients all across the country, although chiefly in the Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal areas.

Our big neighbour down south.

I have many clients in the United States as well and love to get to know my neighbours, both near and far!