We make our clients look great.

Our standards are high.

We bring deep expertise and know-how to the table, and while we will always seek out the simplest and most effective solution for our clients to keep the project on budget and on deadline, we never settle for the default or humdrum.

Since our foundation in the Ottawa area in 2009, Sumack Loft has served clients locally, across the province, the country, and beyond with outstanding brand, print, web, and illustration solutions.

We develop a partnership with our clients, working with you rather than for you, so that your business will break through, stand out, and get noticed. We’ll always pull out all the stops to make sure that your communications are on brand and on target.

We care deeply about every project.

We’re a friendly team made up of brand design specialists, graphic designers, and web developers. We all have secondary skills that are valuable for our clients, such as illustration, animation, photography, marketing strategy, content writing, blogging, database design, tech support, etc.

Each project is approached with an open mind. We listen carefully and ask lots of questions. Creating a detailed plan for what you want to create or do will save money, time, and effort, and help to ensure your success in the long run.


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Principal + Lead Designer

As founder of Sumack Loft, Auni is an expert in all things creative — graphics, web design, illustration, etc. — and strives to ensure that projects look great both in terms of colour and form, while also functioning seamlessly.

She has a deep love of logo design, which has paid off with 9 of her designs in recent years winning placement into the respected LogoLounge annual awards books (including our own starling logo).

Auni’s experience working at global advertising agencies before launching her own business means she is deeply knowledgable about good design practices and has an exacting process for how projects are managed. Having grown up in Quebec and attended Beaux-Arts in France, Auni speaks French at an intermediate level.

Photograph of Anne Tremblay

Graphic Designer

Anne has been designing print communications for many years and is a perfectionist when it comes to creating and producing corporate pieces such as annual reports and brochures. Her keen ability for listening to a client’s needs and translating those into design makes her a valuable asset on any project as she understands that user experience and design are just as important as functionality.

Anne also loves editorial illustration and has produced many infographics and book covers. She is always up for a new challenge and her knowledge continues to grow and expand. Anne grew up in a French Canadian household and her verbal and written skills are flawless in both national languages.

Photograph of Dagne Forrest

Technical Engineer / Content Development

Dagne has been writing and editing content, specifying design and development, and managing websites for the past 20 years. She also delivers training to our clients using WordPress and social media. Dagne is a purist and she’s not afraid to admit it. She won’t stop until the project is working exactly the way it’s supposed to!

Dagne has a profound knowledge and understanding of all things web and is our go-to for WordPress development and beyond. She knows how to dig into the code behind the scenes to customize any site with the graphics and styling we develop. This exceptional ability really helps our clients’ marketing materials shine!


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We’ve got your back.

Our expanded in-house team is made up not only of designers but also associates whose capabilities encompass photography, copywriting, database development, coding wizardry, technical support and more; all of whom we trust completely to get the job done right. This means we are able to offer our clients comprehensive solutions at the outset of a project, streamlining our workflow in fundamental ways.

It would be an understatement to say that I am delighted with the branding — including name and tagline development — and web design created by Sumack Loft for The Governance Boutique. Thoughtful, artistic, and original; I was guided through a values-based experience which was inspiring and enriching. I would recommend Sumack Loft without hesitation for your graphic design needs.

Donna Price, Founder & President, The Governance Boutique

We believe in phenomenal design and will stop at nothing to get our clients looking so good that their ideal clients will stop in their tracks and take notice.
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