Brand Design

How do I go about developing a new brand for my business?

It can be an engaging process rather than an intimidating task.

Brand development sketch for Blue Hen Farm's new logo

Sketch for Blue Hen Farm

Often when I meet with clients for the first time they are super nervous and feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of developing a brand for themselves. They worry about choosing a designer; whether they will be able to figure out how they want to be perceived in the marketplace; or if it’s even worthwhile to spend their hard-earned cash on such an endeavour. It is a big deal and you have every right to feel a bit daunted, but I can assure you that working with a conscientious designer can make the process fascinating and even fun!

Your logo is really the personality of your business.

When we sit down together for the first time, I will take the time to explain to you how the process works — I will ask you quite a few questions about who you are, how you got started and the history of your business, how you want to be perceived, and what kind of personality you want your logo to have. Because your logo is really the personality of your business (and deep down you probably already have a pretty good idea who that person is!) and as such it needs to convey a character that is instantly recognizable and causes the viewer to react instinctively, in the exact way you want them to.

Final logo for Blue Hen Farm's new brand identity

Final logo for Blue Hen Farm

Armed with all that good knowledge, it becomes a smooth process for me to put together a number of concepts that perfectly fit the brand character you wish to convey. Sometimes my clients find it hard to choose between the designs presented, but I always give a thorough explanation of the thinking behind each design — your new colour palette, the imagery chosen to represent your goods and/or services, which typefaces were selected and why — as well as recommend the design that I think is the best fit.

It never ceases to amaze me how my clients relax and get excited once they’ve met with me, read through the brief, and started in on answering the questions. It’s like everything starts to come together, and they gain a new confidence about this extraordinary adventure they’ve embarked upon.

If you don’t believe me, just ask Bridget O’Flaherty!

Give me a call and let’s talk about how we can build your own new brand.

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