Website Design

Website Redesign for Ottawa Building Consultants

Redesigning an existing website to provide new flexibility.

One of our favourite clients, Homesol Building Solutions, recently added an Atlantic division to their company, and in so doing, needed to include a whole new section to their website. Rather than try to “Frankenstein” the existing site and end up with something that looks a bit cobbled together, and run the risk of making things a bit hard to find, we recommended a modest overhaul to ensure a seamless viewer experience, both in terms of ease of navigation and in branding site-wide.

Homesol Building Solutions - Ottawa Web Design

New Website for Homesol Building Solutions

Because so many of our websites are built on the WordPress platform, this can be done quite affordably — nothing like the cost of a new build — and can provide new flexibility on how and where content is displayed on the site. Working together with our client, a suitable new theme was selected and purchased (the template upon which a WordPress site is built), one which answers to the new business requirements as well as improving upon how all the content of the site is showcased and where it’s located for maximum visibility.

Because so many of our websites are built in WordPress, a redesign can be done quite affordably.

Additional sections have been created for the new division, while older content, newly revamped by our client to keep it relevant and fresh, have been moved to new locations that make the most sense. This approach reduces the overall costs of a “new” site considerably yet provides an energetic overhaul, keeping the site connected and the content topical and current.

Homesol Building Solutions - Ottawa Web Design

Homesol Atlantic Division – New Website

During the course of evaluating the content and site architecture, each piece of the puzzle has been carefully scrutinized to analyze the best place to display the content to maximize ease of navigation, along with the most advantageous visual character and styling — since the new site has also provided a welcome opportunity for our client to review how their branding was employed site-wide and have us tweak and improve the overall look and feel, creating a powerful and effective visual impact.

We all moved swiftly and smoothly as a team to put the newly designed website together quickly and efficiently, and now, with our favourite clients super happy once again, we are able to breathe a happy sigh and move on to the next project.

Does your old website need a facelift? Give me a call today and let’s talk!








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