Everyone at Rideau Lakes Public Library has been so thrilled with the beautiful and captivating design work by Auni Milne of Sumack Loft Designs. The new logo for our library that features a loon taking off is beautiful, unique, organic, bold and versatile. I was very impressed with Auni’s intuition, her attention to the small details such as the distinctive red eye of the loon, as well as her ability to capture the dynamic movement of wings as book pages as the loon lifts off from the water. She seamlessly incorporated all of the elements we were looking for in a new logo and then took it to another level with her creativity and passion. Auni was also very responsive to our suggestions and helped with other branding features such as color schemes and images for social media use. I would highly recommend the services of Sumack Loft if you are looking for a logo or branding that will set your organization apart.

Vicki Stevenson, CEO, Rideau Lakes Public Library