Thank you for choosing Sumack Loft.

In a world full of options, I wanted to take a moment and say thanks for choosing Sumack Loft. Each of the logos available for purchase started out as pencil sketches on a tracing pad and came to life through a careful process of thought and scrupulous design practices.

I really hope you’ll enjoy your new logo. Each of the designs for sale on the site are personal favourites of mine and I’m so happy this one has found its forever home.

What now?

You will be receiving a compressed file shortly via email or via an online transfer service if the file ends up getting large. Have questions? See my FAQ here ☺️

You can also shoot me an email if you need any further information, or just give me a call.

What files will I receive?

You’ll get all the files that you’ll need to start off with the logo. All designs are supplied in EPS, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats, ready to be used on your new business or product.

Need help finishing up the logo?

Do you want a typeface that perfectly complements the logo or do you need colour or graphical changes but don’t have the technical skills and tools to do so?* Get in touch!

Once again, thanks for choosing Sumack Loft. If you’ve got any feedback, I’m just an email away.


*:) Auni

* Additional charges may apply