Logo and brand design for small to medium sized Ottawa businesses.

Your logo is the face of your business.

Ottawa_Logo_Design_2Consider hiring an experienced logo designer with a proven record for producing successful corporate identities. One of my chief passions and also my main business goal is to help companies develop new or refreshed branding that perfectly reflects their core business message. It’s vitally important to have a brand that is unique, simple, and memorable and that tells the right story. Clients generally come to me for one of two reasons, they’ve seen my work and it speaks to them, usually for its targeted nature and distinctive creativity, or they’ve been told about me by a happy client.

Branding is a strategic business tool.


Successful marketers recognize branding as a strategic business tool. It’s much more than coming up with an attractive image or catchy phrase. It is often characterized as a way to help identify the goods and/or services of a business and to differentiate them from those of other businesses. It is equally important to remember that it also frames the “personality” of your business. Good branding delivers your company personality in a clear way, helps confirm your credibility with new prospects, connects prospective and existing customers emotionally, motivates your customers and helps build concrete customer loyalty.

A quarter century of experience.

Ottawa_Logo_Design_5With more than 25 years in the design field, I have a lot to offer my clients, who include small and mid-sized businesses, charities and not for profits, as well as entrepreneurial and creative clients. All this training has given me a thorough understanding of how to create a compelling and effective visual identity. This is achieved by developing deep insight into your business, your audience, and your peers and competition through my research process; establishing imagery, typography, and a colour palette that brings the appropriate nuance to the brand; and of course making sure your new logo is distinct, relevant, and memorable, and that it will look great not just on paper, but across multiple media.

At Sumack Loft, I offer the following:

  • Unique, on target logo design;
  • Professionally designed in-house;
  • Competitive price;
  • Exclusive designs created individually for your business;
  • Variety of design samples provided for feedback;
  • Copyright ownership (you own the finished product entirely);
  • Final logo files supplied in a variety of formats.

Want to know more about how I can help make your brand more effective and compelling and win you more customers? Give me a call and let’s chat.