What the heck do you actually do?

ServicesMaking things look beautiful is what I strive for.

I’ve been on a life-long learning curve about what makes things look good, but that’s not all — each of my designs and illustrations is carefully tailored for each specific client to ensure that your brand character is conveyed perfectly. When working on brand image, printed marketing material, and website design, I put a great deal of effort into making sure that it’s exactly right for you, my client.

I make things stand out.

The prime motivator while I am developing designs, whether it’s for your logo, brochure, business card, or website, is that it should make the viewer look twice. I want your collateral to stand out.

Go ahead, take a peek.

In each portfolio section, I’ve gathered together the work that I think best represents what I can accomplish with my clients. Feel free to write something in the comments if you see something you particularly like!

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