Launching a Successful Rebrand for Designer in Toronto

Long established as one of the top designers in the field of Irish dance, Lewis Irish Dresses recently came to us to help revitalize a brand that had been critically overtaken by some of the big names in the industry.

The Lewis brand had remained largely unchanged in the years since it was started by founder Michelle Lewis, and the company now struggled to generate contracts and connect with their audience. The confluence of a split with her husband provided Michelle with a great opportunity to rebrand her company with an engaging and compelling new business name: Phoenix Designs.

We created a new brand to capture the company’s intensely creative spirit and showcase the true promise of wearing Michelle’s dresses: wish it, wear it, win it.

Facebook Campaign Image for Phoenix Designs

What We Did

  • Modernize brand identity
  • Strategically reposition company
  • Grow sales

How We Did It

  • Powerful new visual identity
  • New and highly effective website
  • Exciting contest with extraordinary grand prize
  • Compelling and strategic promotion
  • Engaging social media campaign

The Challenge

To compete against other popular dressmakers in the industry, Phoenix Designs needed to gain a stronger foothold in the marketplace. Sales had stalled, however, and there was a growing market perception that Phoenix’s competitors were more innovative. For Phoenix’s audience of design- and win-focused dancers and their teams, innovation is everything.

The Solution

Sumack Loft worked with Michelle to create a powerful new visual identity of a phoenix rising from the flames, its shape a subtle reflection of a dancer standing in the ready position.

Along with Sumack Loft’s development partners, we launched an easy to navigate, attractive new website with careful attention to the organization of content, and which includes an exciting contest in which the victor wins Phoenix dresses for as long as they represent the company.

A series of stunningly designed and strategically positioned advertisements were placed with the world’s most popular industry publication, Irish Dancing Magazine, both in print and online; and, along with an eye-catching social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram, Phoenix Designs immediately captured the attention of the Irish Dancing world.

The Impact

The new website had over 4,500 views in the first two days of the relaunch, with several new orders for dresses coming in right away. An abundance of contest submissions arrived by the contest close date, and, with all entrants being offered a 25% discount on their next dress, not to mention the targeted new branding, we expect the orders to keep growing.