Graphic Design

How To Hire A Good Graphic Designer

Where to look, who to ask, what to look for!   You know how when you look around — whether you're out and about or simply looking at the TV or the internet — you're bombarded with visuals from the myriad different companies out there? If you want to stand out, you know you need … Continue reading


The Studio at Sumack Loft

Clean, organized, and ready for the new year! I know, I know, I already posted once today, but I'm so excited because I just finished cleaning, organizing, and tidying my studio space. Here's how it looks today... let's hope it stays that way! Cheers, everybody! *:) Auni

Brand Design

There’s more to good branding than just a first-class logo!

Let's make your company look great and get you more clients, shall we? Did you know that having a great logo is not the be all and end all of your company brand? Most businesses need a business card and a website to start, right? Your trusty designer will create a whole visual language to … Continue reading

Brand Design

A Year in the Life of an Ottawa Logo Designer

Happy New Year! A few days late, but whatevs! So, just for fun, I took some time on New Year's Day to look back over the wide variety of interesting jobs I was able to work on this past year. I designed 26 logos in 2016. Whaaat? That's a logo every two weeks. Cah-razy! Some … Continue reading